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So parents and cell phones are a weird thing right? Well parents and cats and cell phones are even weirder. If you've seen my "How To a Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting Your Downfall" post, then you're well acquainted with my cat Twiggy aka Miss. Tuffsey.
I wanted to look at her funny little face, so I asked my mom to send a picture.
One picture.
But wait...there's more.
I received an entire cat photo shoot with different locations and lighting options. Please send help. Anyway tell your mom you love her. Happy Tuesday.
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aawww good mom
3 years ago·Reply
@MargaretStevens This is the greatest comment ever I hope you are her real mother hahahaha
3 years ago·Reply
Love the pictures and I think your mom is a lovely person!
3 years ago·Reply