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First time making a playlist so I hope you guys like it. Thnx for the invite @MattK95 Awesome theme from @PassTheSuga and @aabxo. Let's see where this goes lol

Everything changes - Bii, Andrew Tan, Ian, Dino

Just recently heard this song and thought it was cute, Love Bii and Andrew
speaking of Bii most of my non kpop songs belong to him lol

Feel good - Bii

I just personally love this song so just throwing it in the mix lol

I will be by your side -Miu Chu + Bii

Had to add this one cause it is the song that introduced me to Asian music and got me into Kpop (mostly YouTube's fault lol)

Come back to me - Bii

So cause I listen to spotify and all his songs on there are titled in mandarin finding them was just not happening sooo.... here's the spotify link Lmao = ̄ω ̄=
Watch a lot of anime so anime openings are a given, I've listened to the full version of this song too but it's been awhile so forgot the artist, still wanted to share though

Million Love, anime: Kage Kara Mamarou

Loved Romeo x Juliet, was the most awesome romance action anime I've watched (personal opinion) , beginning song is Raise me up in Japanese, Love this song in English had to sing it in elementary for chorus so I was addicted to this anime as soon as I heard this song, so many memories *swipes away tear *

Inori Wa (Raise me up)- sung by Lena Park

Naturally Death Note had to be randomly put here cause why not

The World - Nightmare

Unstoppable life - Bii

listen to a lot of Bii ~T_T~
love this song, don't know any English title for it though

Shi Zai Bi Xing -Andrew Tan and Bii

Lol probably going to stop with 10 since I don't have a lot of diversity My playlist kinda turned into randomness lol but I hope you guys like it tried my best lol ≧﹏≦

I'm just gonna say that I love both Bii and Andrew Tan so cool, that song with both Bii and Andrew is called Imperative btw :) and I might have maybe learned the words to Inori Wa while I was watching the Anime... I regret nothing... XD great playlist ^^
Yea I got into Bii cause of the drama Love Around had it not been for the beginning song of that drama I wouldn't be here lol @jiggzy19
OMG OMG OMG!!! I'M TOTALLY A BII FAN !!!! I thought @MattK95 and I were the only ones~~ I LOVE this list so freakin much! Thanks for sharing it~
@netchtiBates that's so awesome!!
Of course, listened to Bii before I got into Kpop lol @jiggzy19
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