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The DJ world wouldn't be the same withouth A-Trak. His ability to blend sounds from different genres from his turntable’s is unreal. From age 15, the world has known A-Trak as a prodigy in his realm.
For today’s DJ mix, I want to share a vintage mix from the Canada native. This set is from a live performance with Boiler Room in 2012. Pretty good year for A-Trak, he was featured on the cover of Billboard Magazine alongside Diplo and Skrillex.
For starters, pay close attention to the vicious scratch routines. As the set progresses, watch the eye contact and gestures he makes to the crowd. He keeps people locked in and energized throughout his set.
Due to his work with Kanye West and his label (Fool's Gold) A-Trak has become a household name in hip-hop. What is your favorite live performance or song from the talented DJ?
@danidee I am a huge fan of A-Trak and his work with Fools Gold as well. He does a great job signing talented rappers and DJ's. One of the first people behind Cudi, Danny Brown and more. This guy really knows talent and always has his ear to the streets.
Ahhhhhhhhh I love A-Trak!! His Dirty South Dance mixtapes are so awesome. That whole label, Fool's Gold, is full of talent. I'm about to listen to this entire thing lol.
Yeahhh, it's been so awesome seeing Cudi and Danny Brown become such innovators in the current hip-hop scene. They add a totally different flavor. Also, I'm watching this video still, and I've got to say, it's nice seeing someone spin from their decks and not their laptop.