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Hey! I'm Aylanna (Lanna for short). I have too many biases and i would like to be apart of the kpop community on Vingle. Talk to me!
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u r so welcome Aylanna,
3 years ago·Reply
Uuuuugggghhh bias problems.....I feel ya @LannaAegyoBrown and also welcome to Vingle!
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Thank you all :) I feel so welcomed!! ^_^
3 years ago·Reply
Welcome Aylanna. You will find we are pretty laid back here. I think several of have bias/bias wrecker dilemmas. We try to all get along regardless of our personal choice in groups/bias. We just kind of agree to disagree if someone has a difference in bias/opinion. So welcome, let the posts begin yo. Sorry, got too carried away for a sec...ㅇ≅∞≅ㅇ!!! 온
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I sent you my tigger to welcome you.
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