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Long Marley twist are a great protective style for those who like the length of long box braids but are wanting something different. This is my FAVORITE protective style for a few reasons: 1. They are WAY lighter than having box braids. Which makes them great for summer time. 2. They take less time. (5-6 hours for the long twist, 3-4 for shorter twists, compared to 8-10 hours for braids) 3. If you are completely natural or transitioning, this hair blends very well with natural hair so even if you have new growth, it will just make the twists look even more natural. 4. If you are doing your own hair for the first time, this is a great protective style. They are super easy to do. (Tutorial coming soon!) The hair come sectioned out already so each twist is the same size. Even if one twist comes out or loose, it is easy to put it back in. 5. They are unique. No one around me has EVER seen hair like this. I have seen a few tutorials on Youtube, but there isnt a lot of information on it. If you are searching for a new style this summer, this would be my pick. I will be doing a tutorial on how to install and giving you lots of ideas on how to style them. Stay fabulous, CoCo
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Great info! I learned something new today! Can't wait to see your tutorials. :)