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My name Is Kacey! I'm 18 years old! I'm from Cleveland, Ohio! I love music such as; K-pop, K-hiphop J-pop, j-rock. and more! I got into K-pop In 2006-2007 I believe. The first K-pop group I listened to was Big Bang.
My bias in Bigbang Is Kwon Jiyong (G Dragon) I find him to be the most precious man ever. He's a hard worker, and he when he does something he always makes sure it's his best not to mention he has the most adorable smile ever! *fangirls*
I'm forever a V.I.P! I'm also Army. (multi random) I love bts. Those boys are Amazing, and very talented!.The first song I heard by Bts was "No more dream" I love where they are headed! I'm so proud of them!
K-pop has helped me overcome tough obstacles in my life that I thought I couldn't overcome. But, with music, family and friends by your side anything is possible! I hope each and everyone of you can also find joy in K-pop ^_^
I also love this app! I made a awesome friend! @passthesuga Thanks for making me feel welcomed on here! c:
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I love kpop and I'm from Ohio too. Gotta stick together lol.
@Chaunti Yes we do! What k-poo groups do you like? ^_^
My bias group is BTS but I love Big Bang, Got7, B.A.P, 2NE1, and Exo
@KaceyDodge Im good Welcome to the community
@Ambie Thank you! ^_^