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What Men Say Vs. What We Wish They Said

As women, most of us are probably pretty used to men saying what's on their mind before thinking -- it's second nature.

Following this pattern can sometimes result in broken hearts and angry women -- two things no man wants to deal with. It's normal for men to say things off impulse and not realize what they said until we hit them with that mean side eye. It can be rather annoying and it eventually get's old hearing a guy, for lack of better terms -- be a guy.
It's up to us women to tune them out and pretend that they're saying what we would want them to say, although we already know that can sometimes be too far fetch. Whether he's telling us that he's hanging with the guys tonight or lying about something we knew the truth about days prior -- in the back out our mind we are hoping and wishing they would just once say exactly what we want to hear. There's a huge gap between what men say and what we wish they said. If you have a special man in your life, than you've probably heard one of these phrases on at least one occasion.
What Men Say: Going out with the guys tonight. Don't wait up.
What We Wish They Said: I cancelled plans with the guys tonight so we could spend some quality time together.
What Men Say: You're looking mighty sexy today.
What We Wish They Said: You look gorgeous everyday.
What Men Say: It doesn't matter what we do, it's up to you.
What We Wish They Said: I made dinner reservations for us at 8 o'clock. Be ready.
What Men Say: Shhh, football is on.
What We Wish They Said: What's on your mind? Let's talk.
What Men Say: I don't like rushing things. I'm just going with the flow right now. We will see where we end up.
What We Wish They Said: We've been seeing each other for some time now and I think we should take things to the next level.

Ladies, can you add anything to the list of things men say that we wish they didn't?

I never wait up for them. Lol. It's like dude -- go have your fun and call me tomorrow morning. For the whole assertiveness thing...I've learned that you need to tell them what you want. They are horrible with guess work. So sometimes you need to TELL them to make the plans and take you somewhere special. I wish it was like in the movies -- but it ain't' always like that lol.
Haha I actually like when guys go out with their friends. I appreciate it when they have a life outside of the relationship. And YES I love it when men are assertive. Tell me where we are going, and make the plans.
I mean of course I'm usually knocked out by 10 o'clock, but I guess that's just a habit I have to knock as far as the waiting up thing lol and yeah, you're right it's not like the movies -- AT ALL ! @alywoah
Of course, men need their freedom as well. I learned that the hard way, but the 'don't wait up part' is annoying. like how long are you going to be out and why can't I wait up? lol what if I want a call when you get in, yeah I guess I can do the most haha -- but assertiveness is definitely always a plus. like you have to have a game plan. Going with the flow is only cool under certain circumstances @alywoah
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