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Just announced: Spring Awakening is coming back to Broadway in a special Deaf West production of the 2006 musical. Performed simultaneously in English and American Sign Language, the musical revival will hit the stage at Brooks Atkinson Theater on Broadway for an 18-week stay. And fans couldn’t be more stoked...Including me.
Spring Awakening is a rock musical and it’s everything that I love about rock musicals. It’s edgy, angsty, filled with social commentary, and still contains humor and emotion.
The musical takes place in Germany, late-19th century. It tells the story of teenagers who are not told about sexuality, and are sheltered in their conservative school. Faced with figuring it out themselves, the teens get themselves into some trouble.
The original Broadway production of Spring Awakening won eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical. It revolves around some pretty heavy issues along with sexuality including: mental health, suicide, censorship, and abortion. Through some intense acting, choreography, and singing punk-rock and folk-rock songs.
And now, with the Deaf West production, they are engaging with a new audience and breaking even more boundaries.
Watching the trailer gives you goosebumps right?
To act, dance, and sing is a feat in itself. But to do it while signing while putting on a complete production with set design, lighting and musical they do it is beyond me. These are some very talented group of people to pull off this theatrical performance.
The production will open on September 27, 2015 for a run of 18 weeks. I sure wouldn’t want to miss it.
Seriously! It probably takes some mad talent and coordination to all of those at once! I’m super pumped that sign language is showing up more and more in productions @shannonl5!
This is so awesome! I've seen a few plays with sign language, but never a musical! That's some serious talent. Would that make th eperformers a quadruple threat (sing-dance-act and sign!) haha I'm glad this show is going up :D