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Hyuna: even though everyone calls her slutty or whatever, her songs are really good and catchy
Bigbang: I know they've been releasing songs each month, but every time the 1st day of the month is coming I get so excited as if it was their first comeback for the past 3 years.
B1A4; you gotta love their songs and lyrics. my favorite album is "In The Wind" and my favorite song is Lonely! … if Lonely was in ITW, that album would be more perfect than it is already
Infinite: Im not really a big fan of them, but i do really like their songs. bias? can't choose between Hoya, L, and Dongwoo.
Lastly, Got7: I love JB and JR since Dream High 2 and JJ Project, but Mark and Jackson are perfect tbh. my favorite song is "She's a Monster"
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YES TO ALL OF THESE! Especially Hyuna, B1A4, and Infinite :):):):):):))))