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Way back when, I wrote about a crazy Mac Demarco thing.
Now, some video evidence that Mac is as nuts, and as awesome, as pretty much anyone out there these days. Check out these videos.
This is my favorite Mac song, and this live version is hilarious. It almost seems like a spoof, or a joke of some sort, but it's so damn good that you have to take it seriously. The cigarette, the weird glances at the camera, I don't know. A lot of it seems off, but the music is spot on.
Another of my favorite songs, another weird ass video. Maybe it's the buck teeth. Maybe it's the iconic unsteady hat. Maybe it's the owl eyes. It's probably all of those things.
I love the second guitar in this that creeps along. It's also got great lyrical content - and it totally relates to Mac. It's basically about a young child doing weird shit and, well... freaking out the neighborhood. It's easy to see where Mac got the influences for this one....
This is a perfect example of just how strange this guy is. He's literally in a black room, built entirely for music. It's as controlled an environment as any. But he still manages to freak you out a little bit! Or a lot.
OK, a lot.