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Hi guys!
I've been in the K-drama community for a while now and have yet to get to know a lot of you! What better way to do that than to introduce each other's K-drama biases and talk about them, right? ^_^
First of all, a big hello to everyone in the community!
Here are the challenge rules!
1) Make a card with "K-Drama Challenge" in the title and post it to the K-drama community. (Try to to be as creative as possible with your title!) :D
2) Include at least 2 and up to 10 biases in the card. (K-pop idols who acted in dramas are allowed!). You can post photos, gifs, or videos to show off how cool your bias is! Also, please tell us about what K-drama you first saw them in and which of their dramas or characters are your favorites. Basically, tell us why they are your bias! :)
3) Tag me, @poojas so that I can clip your beautiful bias cards to my collection!
4) Tag 3-5 Vinglers who you think should do the challenge! (Optional, but highly encouraged!)
By now, I hope this is how you all are feeling...
I can't wait to see your biases and talk to all of you! ^_^
Fighting! ^^ Let me know if you have any questions about the challenge or making cards. :D
Here are more examples (from 2 awesome K-drama Vinglers who just did the challenge)