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I know while brousing for makeup during the summer you see so many bright and vibrant colors. Most of us think like I could never pull that off...but you are so wrong. It's all about balance. The above picture is an example. Try using a natural color for your crease for me I love taupe or light browns. Apply the lighter eyeshadow color to the innerlid until you reach the middle as seen in the photo (don't forget to use Primer apply to lowerlid ex: NYX wonder pencil, this really makes color POP! ) Add the darker color to the Outerlid and blend until desired look, the more blended the better. I love using dark browns, grays and black for this look. Here is a List of my favorite brushes to Use: MAC Crease brush/ blending brush 224, Blending brush 217, Lid brush 242 Great for packing on shadow MORPHE also makes Dupes of these and they work great and are a lot cheaper!! Hope this helps if you have any questions please ask below!! Follow me on youtube and Instagram at "Christyle_lee" for more beauty tips!!
Your eye makeup is flawless! How can it be this perfect? ♥
So sweet Thank you at HairConfetti, that wonder stick pencil from NYX is magic, I love it!!