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So I got tagged by @mattk95 for the summer playlist and below will be the songs I usually listen to and are my top ten.... some songs might be a few years old but they are really amazing do here I go Also I believe this was made by @passthesuga and @aabxo they came up with the idea of making a summer time playlist and I did it here you go lol
DBSK- SUMMER DREAM So my number 1 Song in my summer playlist is Summer Dream by DBSK this song was released back in like 2007 and it is one of my favorite songs as well... it portrays how hot summer can be and what you can do to cool down I mean how is it not refreshing sticking your head under a faucet of water.... Anyways Thus is my most favorite sing for summer... And hope you enjoy it
IAN CHEN- A NOBODY AND THE PRINCESS This song Is one of my favorite songs to listen to, and it gives me a dunner vibe of strolling down the long beach with the person you love during the summer... the lyrics are about love and protecting that person... Also the Drama(Love myself or you) Gives off a summer vibe do it's one of the other reasons it gives off a summer vibe...
GOT7- A Need I day more, This sing in general just gives off a summer feel...The setting of the song, they way they dress, and how happy the song is, and it also is one of my favorite songs to listen to....
B1A4- SOLO DAY So this song is completly perfect for summer i mean thr beach the clothes the vibe of the song i mean, why would you not listen to this song during summer especially when your alone(Dont worry im a loner as well, single but ready to mingle) walkung down the side walk or anywhere where the sun is shining bright over your head.... cant you just imagibe it
HYUNA- BUBBLE POP Oh this song is the song of all songs(a little over exagerated) Its a perfect song for when your in love(jk) with that one guy but you believe he cheats on you and your just like "Whatever I don't need you I'm too pretty for you anyways" And yeah... lol such a weird explanation
BOYFRIEND- ON AND ON Their too Hot to explain how amazing and summer-y this song I'd I mean look at them joke around with each other doesn't it remind you of when you get together with your friends over the summer and you guys joke around(Unless your staying in and watching a drama now that's a whole other story)(You do this during other seasons too but mostly indoors and this is summer you have to be outside, unless your watching a drama ) Anyways this song is perfect for summer it's so cheery and happy and it makes yoh wanna be lay and orange around Like a by unicorn.. (did I no just say that)
ALPHABAT- OH MY GOSH Perfection in one vidro Alphabat has made a perfect song for summer about love.... I mean you always casually take pictures with a woman and then crush on her(for girls it's a guy) but only one gets the girl that totally is summer......when your role playing.... anyways this song is very happy and cheery and it had the feel of summer
BEAST- BEAUTIFUL NIGHT Now this song is perfect as well it's like going to a Rave, or a nightclub or a block party over the summer where you calmly watch Beast perform in front of you without fangirling(Because it happens every night and it's so natural where you live) and you know it's a party when beast is dressed on some funky clothes looking hot asf and your dancing around them... no but yeah it does give off the feel of partying overnight during the summer
Anyways that's some of my summer time playlist I usually listen to everything but we have to keep it Summer-y so yeah hope you like it because NBA I suvk at things like this... and it's my first time doing this on here because it hasn't been that long since I joined.... anyways hope you enjoy
@MattK95 Aaaaiiissshh ╮(╯_╰)╭ lol jk.....it's a good song!
@PassTheSuga "SOLO SOLO DAY, OH SOLO SOLO DAY GIRL" sorry I couldn't resist XD
Thanks for getting Solo Day stuck in my head for the rest of the day (´ヮ`) @MirandaTuan
@kpopandkimchi no problem I live dvsj too much to ever forget them they are the gods hehe
SUMMER DREAM OMG WHAT A THROW BACK! thank you for reminding me that this song exists!
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