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Hello everyone, Today i am going to introduced my self to the kpop community in "Vingle". Well sorry if i dont spelled some words right i am an english learner. I been a kpop fan for almost 5 years, the first group i listen to was bigbang, before i came to the US and have this great opportunities like having lots of concerts from kpop bands, finding albums from your favorite band, around you or close to you to get it.The first time i came to the US was like a big shock to me I couldn't believe it, it was really hard for me to be alone without my family and all the friends i left behind the ones that made me know kpop, i been to trought much it might sound like i am bragging about it but know is just that i want everyone to know that many people might go trought hard times and hide their suffering or they might just try to hide their sadness to not worried anyone that was me the first time i arrive to the US it was the hardest thing that happend to me, i had to come without the ones that took care of me my family after 11 years living with them we got appart from eachother because a good opportunity to study abroad show up for me and of course i couldnt say no even do i want it to i was hard i couldnt believe i had to come without my family and live here with a person that I barely know i didnt have a problem with that vut it just hurt my heart leaving everything behind and just making a nee world for my self, this might not have to do nothing with kpop but i did all this hardships i went trought with kpop friends that i made in the US made me realizes that i have to look the good side of being here all the kpop friends i meet in the US are great people they are always there for me helping me and we also share the same ideas, we really enjoyed spending our time and talking about kpop stuff, kpop is a big thing to me not just because of the groups or that but because trought kpop i meet great people that made me realize that i am not alone that i have a family with me that i can also count on them, i am thankful that i got into kpop because of kpop i meet great people and get to listen to good music❤️ my favorite group is bigbang i dont consider my self a VIP because i havent follow them since the first day they debuted but i been following them for almost 5 years i am trully fan of them, i like all their songs and everything i will always support all the members to! ❤️

*sorry for my english you might not understand what i wrote but i wrote it with my heart❤️

Los amo mis Reyes👑

Bienvenida a la comunidad de K-Pop! Se te entiende tu introducción no te preocupes (: Si necesitas ayuda con traducciones aquí estoy yo Welcomeee! ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)৴♡
WOW! welcome welcome!!!!!!
Despite some mistakes I understand perfectly, so welcome to the US and to the vingle Kpop community *^▁^*
Welcome to the community! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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