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"Nooooo I need cofffeeeee" as you stare at the maker in desperation
"make faster!" you demand as you watch it drip slowly becoming liquid gold
"Finally!" you cheer once you get to pour it into a cup
And then you can live like TOP! Get a fancy wine, buy a weird chair, blow up your IG with pictures of the local art show! Have fun =]
i feel like top and i would be best (coffee drinking) friends hahahaha
I was leaning that way but @KutieKiKi is my bestie and that is her UB so no XD I am all about Daesung but I do still love TOP ^^
I just realized this but I have a thing for Top's hands. In the third gif where he has the cup of coffee in his hands and he brings it up to his lips: ADJKLSFJH; SUCH SEXY HANDS URGH I'm weird.
Lol T.O.P you little impatient brat.
listening to we like to party and seeing top singing the same part I'm listening to at the right time 😨
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