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You might know him as Ilana's boyfriend in Broad City or as the dude who called out Bill Cosby last year, but either way I'm guessing you're going to know Hannibal Buress for a lot more in the next few years.
He's already well known in the world of comedy, having written for Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, but I'll think he'll be heading mainstream very soon.
Tomorrow night, his new show Why? With Hannibal Buress will premiere on Comedy Central. It sounds like the show will be a bit of stand up and a little sketch comedy, similar to Key & Peele or Inside Amy Schumer.
I think he'll become popular because he's so likable. He's not super intense like Lewis Black or really self-deprecating like Louis CK, instead he's just laid-back on stage, telling jokes and creating a really mellow environment. Audiences and comedians alike are responding really well to his comedic style.
You might not know him just yet, but you will later this year after he stars in a film alongside Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Until then, get to know him a little better by watching his show on Comedy Central tomorrow night.
I had no idea Hannibal Buress used to be a comedy writer? I mean, of COURSE he was, but damn, that makes me love him even more.
I know @danidee I was surprised too, although I do think he had some tiny guest parts on 30 Rock so now it all makes more sense.
Hannibal Buress pretends to audition for The Daily Show in a sketch for his new show: