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As has already been mentioned on here, we all come from different backgrounds and age groups. I was just wondering if anyone was willing to share a little personal info. I will get this started... My name is Jackie. I love all types of music to one degree or another. About the only kind of music I can say I don't care for is what I refer to as "thug rap"... the stuff tgat I personally see as having vulgar content. I would imagine that I am the oldest one here in our group...being age 52. But let me say... I don't believe a love for music has an age limit. After all I am still breathing. I am from a small town in Ohio, U.S.A. My favorite groups include Big Bang, B.A.P.,EXO, VIXX, BTS, WINNER, GOT7, and many others.
So if you wish...please share!
you've inspired me to just... be myself. there "we're" times when I was afraid... not just music wise either... afraid of what others would think of me. I'm not so charismatic myself... I'm different but being different makes me unique right? unique should be better than.... normal... as to what they call themselves... and BTW... I hate the racist jokes my friends say... they think it's funny... and it's not. I could like see you as a brother, but if you say some racist joke to me like it's "cool" oh no. you've lost ALOT of respect. I love the way you see like as well. I hope I could be like you in the future
Ebbie, if there is one thing that age has taught me...it's this...embrace yourself...your true self...not the self "someone has made out of you. If you really want to be happy in this world, you can't live your life conforming to everyone else's expectations. I have the liberty and anguish of living in small town U.S.A. So while I have the advantages of living in a close knit community...I also have the disadvantage that folks aren't as culturally diverse. So even though most don't intend to be...they can be kind of prejudice. They will say (and mean it) they are not prejudice, but in the next breath ask if I still listen to that wong fong shoo or ching ming ding stuff. This is racist. They think its harmless humor. You will find it difficult to sway these kinds of minds. You can point out its racist, but they ultimately will believe what they want. But(yay), a seed may have been planted to make them think twice about making that comment again. Anywho...tangent...be yourself...love yourself...with that kind of confidence others will love or at least respect you as well. woah. Sorry so long.
Hiya! my names Ebbie (preferred) I feel like me and you are relatable. but I can't say I "hate" rap, because I love when T.O.P raps. but this "thug rap" Heck yeah I hate it. I will admit, when I was finally able to grasp hold to my own taste of music (age 12), my old friends say I turned the wrong way and ended up listening to my first rock song. which was jrock. they said it was weird. and it made me feel like I was doing a wrong thing but I just couldn't stop! it was like an addiction. but as I grew older, I started to adapt to them. I felt like it was indeed my culture as well! I am young but I've made my life up. I plan to live a life traveling around (mostly venturing to Seoul) to live my life in heaven Lol. OH! Im 18 too! Lol almost there!
Im from North Carolina, USA 17 female and I am abecoming a somewhat recent fan of exo, big bang, f(x), got7, and some of bts
Thats pretty cool.
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