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Miguel is tired of being discussed in the same breath as Frank Ocean. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Miguel made it clear that he is done with the Ocean comparisons. ”To be completely honest–and no disrespect to anyone–I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around.”
If that wasn’t enough, Miguel questioned the longevity of Ocean’s career and music, stating “We’ll see who’s in it for the long haul.”
Miguel didn’t let those comments sift through social media for long, as he took to Twitter to extend an olive branch to Ocean (in a sense) stating “there’s no need to compare apples and oranges.
I am beginning to wonder, were those statements his true feelings, or just a harsh statement made by Miguel to get his name bubbling during in the media cycle? I mean, his album Wildheart just released, so you never know.
Sorry Miguel, but I have to question your motive on this one.
@jeff4122 ZOMGGGGG! I hope it's really happening, I've been waiting patiently since Channel Orange. You just made my entire day.
@jordanhamilton he's coming out with an album this month!! (allegedly)
I like Miguel, but Ocean's music is amazing. I will say this though, Miguel is one the kings of collabs. I love his work with J.Cole and Wale. With that being said, he isn't Frank Ocean.
I definitely agree with you. i can understand where you're coming from as ar as Miguel collabs (ex. wale, jcole, etc)
@jordanhamilton I like Miguel's music also, but I feel a lot the majority of his noteworthy work is alongside other people. I don't know to many stand alone singles that he has that I really dig off top. Frank Ocean has a boatload of gems.
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