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During my free time in college, I used to finger through postcard artifacts, translate them, and then scan them into the digital space. One of the greatest things about postcards is that they carry layers of conversations and stories.
Florida State University's Post Card Archive is available through the support of the Rhetoric and Composition program at the school. The website makes it accessible for anyone who is interested in viewing post cards, but may not have the means to view them physically.
Of course, if you ever worked with historical artifacts, viewing them in the digital space is much different than actually viewing them in the physical space. There's sort of this romanticized aura that the physical artifacts faithfully emits. You can smell, feel, and find distinct stains and blemishes on the card's face.
You begin to wonder, "did her trembling fingertips spill cafe con leche while writing this postcard to her loved one in the Dominican Republic?"
"Did the sea kiss the edges of the postcard before it travelled above clouds?"
"Did he drunkenly pierce a cigarette through the photograph's throat on purpose?"
Here are some cards that that reflect the culture and magical essence of Puerto Rico. Check 'em out.

Check Out Some of The Writings:

"Have not been [around] at all. Very warm. Beautiful bay and harbor. An auto is the thing down here. Auto. raf[--] very high. Left for P[----] this p.m. via auto. 120 miles. People and buildings I have seen very interesting. I am well. Hope you are all well."

"We are stopping at the finest hotel on the island. The auto ride here from San Juan (70 miles) is the finest I have ever taken anywhere. Scenery simply indescribable. No windows in any of the houses. Accommodations very crude except at a few places."

"Bishop B--- is quite sick, we have not seen him yet. Took a bath in the the boiling springs water this a.m. also took a drink of the water. Baths are old Roman type built of cement very long and roomy. Tropical growth is wonderful. Expect all kinds of experiences before we return to San Juan. Am well + enjoying _._._."

If you want more, check out the website:
@Jordanhamilton @allishaaff thank you! Yes, historical documents are super cool. It always makes me so happy to see artifacts like these physically. Digital things can often feel so distant.
Whoaaaa! So awesome!! Amazing how historical documents like postcards can preserve pieces of a people or culture :)
this is actually super cool. thanks for sharing this.
Now I have to see some up close and personal to get the full effect !
I'm very happy u like it! @VinMcCarthy ^_^
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