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@VinMcCarthy's Favorite Card On Vingle.
Don't worry. It'll be dark in the club. No one will even notice.
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lol... that's why I stick to my one powder and brown shadow. Anything else and I dare not leave the house.I remember making a horrible mess of my eye shadow for church and being reprimanded by a very young boy about it. The level of shame cannot be measured! I'll never try anything fancy ever again
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Omg I feel this so hard. One time I f-ed up my makeup so bad I kid you not I decided that I was going to a party in a winter soldier costume. I painted a star on my shoulder and called it a night!
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I'll just do it anyway! Why not?? Me seh dem likkl dutty peeple de luv watch ppl an naa watch dey self! Like a dem own heaven! E bun me fi dem e si man! Cho!
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@VinMcCarthy @danidee @nicolejb god I'm laughing so hard.
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