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I hate being told to relax, but when he said it -- his words put me at ease
I knew things wouldn't be easy, but we decided to keep it breezy like the trees
Like leaves in the fall, steady I fell for him
Never worried about hitting rock bottom, I knew he would catch me
Like lightning bugs in the summertime, he lit up my life
Ignited my fire, no remix to ignition
But this love was hot & fresh
A feeling I swore I felt before, yet it was so unfamiliar
Melodies of Marley in my ear questioning if this was love or not
I can't really say, but it sure is close
Too close for comfort, afraid of getting to comfortable -- no Lil' Wayne
But he had me letting my guard down -- something I rarely do
It just felt right, so I continued to go with the flow
Like a cycle, 7 days a week I craved him like chocolate -- reminiscent of his skin
Shorty was poppin', young Chris Brown
I was no Rihanna, but he had me ready to stand under his umbrella-ella of love
Showering me with compliments -- I was soaked, but didn't mind
Not worried about the outcome, I allowed him to come into my life
No telling what the future holds,
but for the moment he was holding my heart & that's all that really mattered
Two beautiful souls uniting together
He looked past my flaws to make me better like the rapper Fabolous said
Just replace the letter 'o' with a 'you'
They say the best things happen unexpectedly, I can now say that's true.