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Today in weird news: On Sunday floating above a Calgary, Alberta on lawn chair tied to 110 balloons, you might see a man with an uplifting idea. During a rodeo, Daniel Boria organized a stunt to advertise his cleaning products business.
He did the math to see how many balloons it would take to hold is weight, then multiplied it by four, and used that many balloons to help lift him into the air.
He held out a sign to advertise his business, but that did nothing. It was the news after that things started looking up. After getting coverage of his stunt, then business is booming.
How did he get down from this daring feat? He used a parachute to get down by himself. But the balloons are still floating somewhere in space...Perhaps the aliens got it!
When asked about the full experience: “It was totally thrilling! I have no regrets!"
Does this remind anyone else of Up?
"No regrets" guy totes took his inspiration from Pixar...
only up comes to mind
loved this card! This guy takes dedication to his company to a new level, lol
I know right?! This guy is pretty insane. And it’s pretty brilliant that it worked @christianmordi