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If you're a MAC fan than you're more than likely familiar with fix+ spray and if you're familiar with the spray than you know just how amazing it is -- amazing and expensive.

Fix+ is a finishing spray made up of water, vitamins, minerals and a few other blends -- in other words, it's a potion for a flawless face. If you have pocket change to spare, by all means go all out when it comes to this product because it's simply perfect in so many ways. On the other hand, if you're like myself and you've purchased it once and don't really have the cash to purchase it again -- let me assure you that I have the perfect solution to your problem.
If you want fix+ spray, but you don't have a fix+ budget -- let's talk diy projects because I have one that will make all your makeup dreams come true.

Suggested Items Needed:

Spray Bottle
Witch Hazel or Preferred Toner
Distilled Water
Glycerin and/or Essential Oil (Not Necessary)
Combine all ingredients and shake spray bottle to assure all ingredients are distributed evenly.

Just in case you may need a little assistance, refer to tutorial.