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Make your cocktail hour hot! And by the way, unless you're Alyssa Edwards, boxed wine and bottled chablis have no place at a wedding or cocktail bar--EVER! Serve killer appetizers like these to kick off the wedding night in style and flavor!
Salmon sashimi bites like this are stunning to the eyes and gorgeous to the palate. Don't forget about eel, tuna and other sushi flavor profiles too. And for all the nervous nellies out there, yes, you can eat the eel bones!
Oysters. I don't care about the recipe per se, just make sure that it's DETACHED! Don't make your guests fight with a shellfish. No one wants to be wearing Elie Saab and noshing on a muscle looking like the undead!
Not popular on the West Coast, but there is NO HARM in throwing crab cakes onto the menu. I will gladly sit in the corner with a platter of crab cakes and two bottles of Riesling. In fact, I will be the best, quietest guest you ever did see!
The question now is, what are you serving in the form of liquor?! Get a plan together!! Click here to get some great ideas in this regard.
I'd be like "Hey, stay back from my sashimi. Isn't there some sort of bread basket you could hit up?"
I can almost taste them myself @danidee! I'd be tempted not to eat them all if I saw them at a wedding
Those salmon sashimi bites look like absolute heaven. I love the modern presentation too.
If you said that to me at a wedding, I would be FUMING! LOL