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Today in the News...

1. In stage 3 of Tour de France it seems there have been quite a few crashes. It seems to be a vicious cycle race. Although some had to stop their race, that’s understandable, because they were probably wheely tyred.
2. Balloon guy takes flight with 110 balloons. It’s kinda an uplifting story...It’s soaring into the news.
3. Idina Menzel is on tour right now. She’s frozen into several performance dates, but she is being paid a wicked amount of money.
4. Misty Copeland is going to Broadway! Because Broadway without great dancers is just 'point’less!
5. The Confederate Flag was taken down in South Carolina, but it is a debate with a lot of history. Maybe it’s arguMENT to be taken down for a while.
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This is quite honestly the only way I get any news anymore. One could say you've got my PUNdivided attention.