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Because I am a flash fiction addict and you should be too. Check out Vins new flash fiction prompt!
I could tell it was her even before I paid my bill, waited a few seconds and took off into the rain, trailing behind her with my collar up and face down. I track her sneakers the same way I did the last time, only this time they aren’t bright pink, size 6 and leaving tracks across the river bank. I keep my distance, knowing my face is forever scarred across her brain, just as hers is across mine. No need to cause panic on the main street of this no name city.
I bet she felt safe here. And she would have been, if I hadn't come to this shit city for the same reason as her. Disappearance.
Her plain sneakers are to blend in, as are her no name jeans and hoodie from some state University she could have tried attending years ago. She couldn't have graduated, because I would have known. I had tabs on her until she disappeared again.
That wont happen again my tricky little princess.
She hurries down an abandoned alley, dumpster reeking on one side, TV blasting from the apartment a few stories up. I slink down the alley, darker then expected, and feel a knife at my throat.
“Who are you”, she demands and I feel a shiver I haven't felt since she escaped 8 years ago.
I laugh, a deep laugh that makes the knife cut into my throat, just a fraction. I grab her arm, twist and slam her head into the brick. She may fool strangers, but I had her for 2 years. She can not fool me; that knife was quivering.
I press her against the wall, her body the same size it was when she was only 15. I grab her throat and her eyes take me in, finally realizing it’s me standing before her.
“I just missed you're beautiful face”, I whisper and kiss the scar I added to her cheek the day she escaped from my cellar.
That wont happen again.
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Are you applying to write on criminal minds ? What the fuck is wrong with you, ya sicko.
@danidee thats why i love flash fiction so much ! its because they go SOOOO many different directions and because they are short more people write them
@bulie i am taking that as a compliment my friend :)
I feel like is what would happen once Hannibal Lectre got a hold of his little lamb...haha
@TheJoyfulWisdom ill take that as a good thing? i was going for creepy haha