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hello, kpop community. yes, I do dare say I am the biggest fan of bigbang. fight me on this. jk. I just joined, so I wanted to meet a lot of people and what other way is there than to (seemingly) start a competition. haha. Ill be an active member of this community, so hopefully you guys don't hate me already. Call me Sunny, sunflower, sundae, sunday,.. anything with Sun basically. Alright, see you in other cards.
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@shjej5835 hmmm ink but sounds good lol
dang you spellcheck @shjej5835 I meant idk but it does sound good Haha lol
@shjej5835 Yay, I'll look forward to your cards :) Always need more VIP friends ^_^
Sunny is def the most hardcore fan ;)
@TracyWong Hahahahah