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The night is finally here.

You step out of your chauffeured car into the warm summer air. Before you stands an enormous mansion, glittering with golden light as the party goers from far and wide filter through the wide doorway. You follow them. Unfolding before your eyes is an opulence you've only ever heard of, never seen with your own eyes. Women in ornately beaded dresses clutch jeweled cigarette holders and whisper to each other; men in tuxedos puff on cigars; the rich and notorious from all over New York have gathered here tonight to see and be seen. As you wander through this spectacle and the orchestra music swells around you, two questions enter your mind: Who are you? And what should you have to drink?

The Impressionable Novelist: Gin Rickey

You've been trying for years to make it big, but success is a haughty mistress. But your optimistic that this time – maybe this time! – you've penned something wonderful. Fight back your nerves with a stiff Gin Rickey, and pray that luck has finally found you.

The Flapper: Bee’s Knees

You're a modern woman with your knees bared, your cheeks rouged, and your lips painted – and you're ready to party. Sip on this elixir of honey, lemon, and gin while you get down and do the Charleston with your gals.

The Starry-Eyed Romantic: White Lady

After so many years of waiting, this might just be night that your long-lost love comes to take you away. And after all, why shouldn't he? You're stunningly gorgeous, and men fight for your attention. But even in the midst of such a crowded party, you only have eyes for one. A frothy White Lady is as pale and ethereal as you look tonight.

The Chicago Gangster: Southside

Prohibition hasn't stopped you. You've made your fortune bootlegging, supplying illegal and smuggled alcohol to speakeasies across the country. A party like this is an opportunity for you to enjoy the fruits of your labors – and maybe make a few more business deals. A refreshing Southside will keep you cool with its delicious combination of citrus, mint, and gin.

The Unreliable Narrator: Last Word

You've been spirited away into a world you never dreamed was possible. A strange cast of characters envelops you – the very rich and deeply unhappy, the beautiful and the damned, the cruel and callous, and the hopelessly romantic. You try your best to keep track of it all, but you've had perhaps one too many Last Words – a deceptively sweet concoction of Chartreuse, maraschino, and gin.

The Speakeasy Regular: Scofflaw

Ever since the 18th amendment was passed, those noble-minded dries have been trying to put a damper on your fun. But you still get your fill of booze – mostly bathtub gin, or rum smuggled from the tropics – by hanging around smoke-filled speakeasies, or attending parties like this one. Break the rules with this drink that was named after every man who scoffs at the law – made with whiskey, vermouth, lemon juice, and grenadine.

The Legendary Host: Tuxedo #2

You throw the parties. You make the rules. This glamorous world is your oyster. Surrounded by more friends than you could ever want, still you feel a touch of loneliness. The only respite is to be found in her eyes – the eyes of the one you have pursued for all these years. For now, however, you must play the part of a man who has drunk his fill of every pleasure the world has to offer – and now wants to share them with others. Enjoy an absinthe-rinsed Tuxedo #2 while you wait for the woman you love to finally glide through the door.
@shannonl5 I want one too! A lot of really sweet drinks originated during Prohibition, I found out, because it took some effort to mask the horrible taste of home-brewed bathtub gin haha. The honey and lemon did a great job of making the drink more palatable, so even ladies (with their "more delicate palates," lol/ugh) could enjoy. @jeff4122 I really want to try that one!! It's called a Last Word for a reason ;) haha. It ends your night right then and there!
That makes a lot of sense @allischaaff haha. I'm not super picky but every once in a while I like a drink that coddles me a little. The Bee's Knees sounds really similar to a Hot Toddy which is one of my wintertime favorites.
At a slow night at the bar I used to work at, I got to talking with a customer. And he introduced me to the Last Word. I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was, but he assured me that it would turn out great, and that he wanted me to make him one. And holy shit, that drink is hot fire.
Haha this is great. I definitely want the Bee's Knees!