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Love this quote! And you know, or many of you do, I am not a big quote guy. But this is just too awesome not to share with everyone here. If you haven't tried this yet, you need to. Find a computer or something that is DATED and with lousy internet. Does anyone still have dial-up? Is that still being offered?
Share this and then share in the comments below if you tried this out on your fiance and what happened. In the meantime, here is another quote that I shared previously. It's not snarky, but it's great!
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Lmao but ooooh man I remember dial up internet and that was THE WORST. THE WORRRSSSSTT!!!! lol
True @alywoah but I think dial-up then wasn't as bad as now because we're so accustomed to the speeds of today. There should be an app just for this test. hahaha
i died with this! <3 lol
Omg, I turn into a lunatic. This would be a horrible test!
Lol...I'm kind of glad I didn't experience dial up. I saw it and knew what it was like though but I didn't get the chance to use it myself. But yea, good idea