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Bloom and Dazzle shared these four pictures recently and I decided that you needed to see them altogether in a color block. The overall look is blue-green. You could say aqua or Tiffany Blue or some other variation, but the point I am making is that sometimes you want a little bit more blue or more green than a standard aqua.
Here, you've got solids in blue, aqua and that emerald green dress by Elika Bridal. On the right column, the photos are bursting with visual texture through prints--nothing solid! So, while you may have a color theme in mind, you may want to think texture too. Texture gives the look more dimension and forces your eyes to actually see everything.
What are your thoughts on mixing colors like blues, greens and aquas together? Maybe it depends on how it's being used. It could be a bit more subjective. Share your comments below. To get you thinking along these lines, click here for more ideas of color.