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although I've been a fan of Bigbang for now 7+ years and never been to their concert... I don't have the courage to become the top two members of this community...
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@shjej5835 jk that's kinda not true since I also said you used up your wish already
2 years ago·Reply
@shjej5835 ORRRRR since it didn't fully happen (since we technically left the library at 6). YOUR LIBRARY WISH DIDNT COME TRUE SO THIS ONE IS
2 years ago·Reply
@shjej5835 aight 1
2 years ago·Reply
@TracyWong this was on the first gimme a break
2 years ago·Reply
@shjej5835 LOL MAYBE IM WRONG. I thought there were more. Maybe I read other peoples and got confused and thought it was you
2 years ago·Reply