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The key to discovering your ultimate purpose - the source of happiness - finding love - building success - in attaining your goals in life can be achieved through finding the path to self awareness. REALITY & TRUTH In the previous card covered how I define reality and truth as a primer for the concepts you will need to understand to attain a self-aware state. To recap - You experience multiple versions of reality at the same time; the most important being your own Personal Reality. Your Personal Reality is the construct that is created by experiencing the world/universe around you through the sensory organs of your body (as interpreted by your brain) and assigning meaning/significance to these experiences. This forms the basis of what you accept as Truth. The other version of reality that you experience simultaneously with your Personal Reality is the broader construct of the Consensual Reality. This construct consists of the experiences and shared/accepted truths collectively with other individuals you interact with. All variations aside I want to approach the subject of choice without discussion of individual variance in reality perception. Diffrrences will always exist between the Personal Realities of individuals due to variances in genetics and/or exposure to environmental agents which may alter, limit, or enhance the ability to perceive. It should be understood that your individual reality will vary in some way, shape, or form, from those around you but these variances are rarely sufficient to cause a cognitive dissonance - or a state of imbalance that causes significant mental/emotional distress. ABSTRACTION & REALITY As human beings we have the amazing ability to take abstract concepts and choose to think of them in concrete, non-abstract terms. Through the power of thought we can make things real - the key ingredient required is the decision to accept whatever abstract concept or idea is being presented as real. We have been told that atoms exist and atoms form the basis of all matter. This is generally accepted - but no one has ever been able to photograph an atom or provide tangible evidence they exist. Math and theoretical models are abstract in nature for the concepts they represent have to be accepted for their existence to have any significance. Religion and the belief in a higher power or of the existence of a deity or deities requires the same abstract to reality choice by an individual. BTW - I hate to keep using religion as an example - for I truly do not have any bias in this arena - but it is an example that is easy for most everyone to understand. The concept of "Faith" in a religious context is the process of taking an abstract theoretical construct and accepting it as real. To the "Faithful" of this or that religion - their faith is a real thing - a tangible part of their existence. It becomes so because the individual makes a choice to accept it as truth. The act of acceptance - although it is a completely intangible event - the process of making a choice - is all that is required to make ANYTHING part of our Personal Reality. THE POWER OF THOUGHT - THE KEY TO FINDING YOUR ULTIMATE PATH IN LIFE In the movie "Conan the Barbarian" - the character of Thulsa Doom, portrayed by actor James Earl Jones, imparts a reality-changing truth to Conan, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger when he reveals the answer to "The Riddle of Steel". "What is the power of steel when compared to the power of the hand which welds it." This sort of paradoxical wordplay represents a very true and very valid argument for any comparison between the power of reality and the individual's perception of reality. Reality is what you decide it to be. In relation to the quote from "Conan" above you could say, "What is reality when compared to the power of the mind that creates it?" Barring the rules and laws of the Consensual Reality we live in, which like the laws of the United States - think of them as Federal Laws - they will always supersede State and Local Laws if there is a conflict between the two - your ability to define what is truth and what is real to you is the most powerful and most amazing gift human beings have been given. By thinking about your understanding of reality and analyzing the choices you have made and have yet to make; you have the ability to change/alter your reality. You can define what your reality is. You can change it. You can control it. Free will - the ability to think about the events/happenings around you and then make decisions about what these events mean and how you will let them affect you - this is the true core - the very essence that defines who you choose to be. The power of thought forms the very root power that makes choice the single most important gift that reason and cognition provide. "I think therefore I am." This is good. "I think about my choices and my choices form the construct for my Personal Reality." This is even better. "My thoughts have the power to change my Personal Reality for they are the source from which it is constructed. Likewise, my thoughts and the resulting actions I take in our Consensual Reality resonate in the lives of those around me." This is the ultimate goal of understanding the power of thought. ____________________ In the next card in this series I will discuss the beginning of the path to developing a healthy, productive inner dialog.
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