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So, I am really into hair styles and this one is simply beautiful and super easy! If you try it, tell me if it worked for you. I want to know what you have to say about it.
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Beautiful ... though !!!
Really pretty @AmandaJanie!! Would it look good on thicker hair too...?
@cindystran if you have a Sally's Beauty Supply where you live, get a box of Marianna bobby pins. Hundreds of pins for less than $10 and they are seriously the best I've ever used! I've had the same box for about 2 years and there's still plenty left! :)
@JuliaLynea Thanks for suggesting it! I normally get my bobby pins at a discount store a pack of $30 for $1.99 but I always lose them. Unfortunately, I don't live near Sally's Beauty Supply anymore. So, i'm ordering them on amazon prime. They're $8.30 right now! Thanks again!
@allischaaff yeah, it works! Thick hair is a struggle to manage, but with the right bobby pins and the right amount of hair it will look beautiful.