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Donghae and Siwon are here together cause they were in the first drama I ever watched which was an adoption of the anime skip beat, was totally hilarious and opened the doors to other dramas *^▁^*, *also loved Siwon in Oh My Lady *
Jang Geun Suk is the top of my list he's just too cute ≧﹏≦
Yoon Eun Hye is my one and only girl kdrama bias, have no real reason for not liking anyone else but I haven't fallen in love with anyone else
Kim Jae Wook was in coffee prince and fell in love with his character, also loved him in Mary stayed out all night
Lee Hyun Woo because I loved him in To The Beautiful You, also loved him in God of study want to find more things with him in it
George Hu I find his dramas to be kinda cute lol
Micky Yoochun just recently added him to my bias list but he has yet to disappoint
Ji Sung his character in protect the boss was so cute and juvenile lol couldn't help but love him
Lee Hyun Woo was so adorable in To the Beautiful You, I think he was my favorite 2nd lead out of all the kdramas I've watched so far.
@netchtiBates OMG, no worries at all! I LOVE this card and Lee Hyun Woo is SO ADORABLE! Great photos too btw! Thanks for doing this challenge! Can't wait to see more K-drama cards from you :D (Oh, Protect the Boss was so hard to watch because I couldn't pick which lead to support) Haha
@biancadanica98 Oh okay. Definitely tell us what you think once you finish it! :)
@netchtiBates if u loved Ji Sung in protect the boss check him out in kill me heal me, he won't disappoint either
@poojas I feel the same way about Protect the Boss, I liked both of the guys but leaned more towards the main man. Im still in the process of finishing this show though, I've got 8 more episodes to go.
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