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I just discovered that a disposable diaper is all I need to jumpstart the growth of plants and keep from having to water them all the time! Want to know how? Keep reading!
So all you need is a DISPOSABLE diaper. That's the key!
All you need to do is pour a liter of water into the diaper until it's fully absorbed. Then you tear out the liner to reveal MUSH. That's the stuff you want. Measure equal parts MUSH and everyday potting soil that you find at hardware stores. Mix together and use this for your early growth plants and for seedlings.
Are you impressed? I was blown away with this idea and will be trying this out for sure.
Just in case you don't believe me and think I am totally making this up, it's all here. Be sure to click here for more hacks like things you need to know in the kitchen!
This is great. I've seen them just cut a piece of the diaper and add it to the bottom of the pot but I didn't know you could mix it right into the soil. Definitely going to try it in my Square Foot Garden.
This idea was brand new to me because I had never even known about diapers and planting. I love this idea so much.