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Can't decide sweet ou sour? Not a problem. Make yourself this really easy to do and really amazing tasting cocktail. It combines one of the sweetest liquors I know and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Recipe: - 1oz Amaretto - 1oz lemon juice Of course, don't forget the ice. And if yiu would like to add a bit of bitternes as well, just add a bit of augustura bitters, it makes the drink even better. Enjoy your Summer!
I will. My neighbor has too many lemons for me not to try this. thanks!
You can not compere sweet and sour mix to freshly squeezed lemin juice. The first one is totally fake, with so many additives and with no real taste and the second one is pure lemon taste. Try it, you won't forget it :) @marshalledgar
Amaretto Sour is one of my two travel cocktails that I've imbibed on at too many airport bars to count. Although, I've never tried true lemon juice--just sweet and sour mix. Lemon trees are all around me, so let me pick a couple from the neighbor's yard for this. My other standby is a cadillac on the rocks--no salt.
I like the way you agree with me. 👍 @alywoah
i like the way u think!! haha @rodiziketan
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