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Shout-outs to the Inedible Hulk. It seems like we're finally figuring out how you got so green.
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Yay I love this fanartist! Fun fact RDJ also really loves this https://www.vingle.net/posts/885337-Robert-Downey-Jr-likes-campy-fanart
@danidee , Loki will not be happy to discover he's just a loaf. lol
@shannonl5 Yesssssssss, I remember this card! The 'Thor is a jerk' one always has me loling whenever I see it if only because it makes me think of Thor and Spiderman was roommates.
Yeah @danidee that always makes me giggle. I love imagining superheroes in really mundane situations because apparently I'm the most boring person alive lol
@shannonl5 If that's the way you think you are far from boring