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If you guys haven't heard, some guy on Instagram posted a very rude comment on T.O.P's Instagram and T.O.P captured the comment and uploaded it. After doing so, many fans went on and terrorized the anti-fans Instagram defending T.O.P. In my honest opinion I feel like he got what he asked for. He messed with T.O.P and as a result T.O.P's army came to his defense. The anti-fan apologized later on but the fans still kept on sending hate. I believe that it will soon stop since T.O.P also deleted his post about the rude comment but what do you guys think about it? Did T.O.P go over the top? I think not but that's just my opinion.
I think top was being his awesome self, trying to get someone to realize what they were doing was wrong, so in the future people won't be as hateful, to hopefully make the world a better place :)
@shjej5835 I don't know if this makes sense to you but I'm thinking that maybe he chose to react to this certain hate comment because it wasn't as harsh as the other ones. Maybe he found it funny and chose to make a joke out of it.
personally I think top was immature and irresponsible in choosing to upload the hate comment. those anti-fans and haters are not uncommon. im sure he has received comments far worse than that so why choose to upload that particular comment? as a celebrity who is exposed to the media, he should expect and already have experienced the obvious downsides of being famous... i dont understand why he thought it wise or funny to upload that. did he not think of the consequences or did he purposely uploaded it hoping us fans would do the dirty job for him? I've been a fan of bigbang for over 7 years but sometimes I am objective bout my boys and things I notice are rather depressing
@shjej5835 I agree, but I can understand him at the same time. He has a busy schedule especially this year with the new Big Bang comeback, so with all his hard work he gets to see hate comments. I don't think it is fair to top that he has to deal with such hate after that. However, top does is an idol, who many people look up to so perhaps he should have handled it better.
@shjej5835 I agree with you on some parts. They were both being immature.