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Probably the most simplistic garden DIY you will ever encounter in your life: Forks in the garden!
This is what you do to protect your garden from pests like birds and all manner of rodents chomping on your beautiful garden! Hit your nearest dollar store or trek to Costco to get oodles of these forks and simply stick the handles in the ground. There is nothing else to do.
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thanks! @allischaaff if they come out good I will write a card about it
Herb gardens are wonderful! This summer my mom and I are growing mushrooms.
Oo! I like this one!! In the past, my dad has used bendy straws to mark where he planted seeds, and keep our dogs away from them. But plastic forks are so much sturdier and more menacing! Haha. I'll give that a try with my little herb garden :)
@DaniaChicago Wow! That's awesome! I've never done that before :) good luck with your mushroom babies!