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HI EVERYBODY! My name is Naja and i am a new comer to the Vingle society. Most of my stuff is going to be on japanese and korean entertainment, but other times its going to be completely random. Im really excited to start this new experience and learn so much from other people. Hopefully I can teach others along the way, but thats just if im lucky xD.
To be honest, I really wouldnt be here making a post if it wasnt for a certain big bang contest going on that gave me the push to finally make a post. I really love seeing all of these people who love the same things I do and even end up teaching me more about those things, its just beautiful . I cant wait to start posting regularly and i hope that i can be of service to many people in the kpop, kdrama, jpop, and jdrama world xD.

So this is Naja Long.....~

i forgot to add this but it is vert important * i do not own any of the pictures, gifs or videos in this post all credit goes to the people who made these beautiful pics,gifs, and vids*
HELLO!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ It's very nice to meet you! Hope to see lots more of you in this community in the future~
Your gif game is right up there with @PassTheSuga xD
@najalong1998 no problem! I'm glad you're finally posting. Its great to see so many newcomers here in the community 。^‿^。
Well thank you @PassTheSuga -^_^-
Your GIF game is on point! (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧
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