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Kim Soo Hyun...who doesn't love him? I first saw him in "My Love From Another Star" and automatically watched every other drama I could find with him in it.
Lee MinHo in "Personal Taste" has got to be one of the funniest dramas I've ever seen. I watched this because my best friend of twelve years is gay and mentioned it to me. It was the first drama that attracted me to MinHo. Now I love him in practically anything he's been in so far...but who doesn't?
Lee Jong Suk...I fell in love with him in "Doctor Stranger" with that smile and click of his teeth lol...but I liked him best in "Pinocchio"
Kim Woo Bin and Kim Young-Kwang...both great actors and models in their own rights, but the reason I put them together is because I fell in love with their acting about the time when they both played in the 8 episode drama "White Christmas". I couldn't resist WooBin's mysterious character with the red hair(I like him with the red hair a lot). And Young-kwang's character who was pretty mean but you could tell he was just troubled.
Lee Seung Gi in "Gu Family Book"...I'm always excited when I see one of my kpop idols star in a drama and do really well.
There's plenty more but for now let's just go with these:). Thanks for doing this challenge @poojas I would also like to know other people's kdrama bias:)
awesome list!!! I love all of them!
@TatiCee This is awesome! Love your descriptions for each one! And OMG, Kim Woo Bin <3<3<3 Thanks for doing the challenge. :D
You're welcome @poojas and thank you @StephanieDuonv
Oh also, love the title @TatiCee. Forgot to mention that! :D