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"Playful Kiss" was my first ever kdrama and I immediately fell in love with the perfect Baek Seung Jo or better known as Kim Hyun Joong and his smile always melts my heart! I also liked him in Boys Over Flowers but more in Playful Kiss because he got the girl!
"Boys Over Flowers" was my second kdrama and it was funny, and also brought tears to my eyes at the same time with the leading man we all know and love Lee Min Ho himself. But my favorite role he played was Kim Tan in "Heirs" because I feel Kim Tan is Lee Min Ho. He could be the jokester but be a romantic.
"Heartstrings" which was a great drama and I absolutely fell in love with the characters especially Kang Min Hyuk's character because he was so cheerful and has an adorable smile that makes me want to hug him through the screen. And he's a singer/drummer!
"Love Rain" is definitely one of my all time favorite Korean dramas even though the beginning is slow paced it gets better. With the Prince that everyone falls in love with Jang Geun Suk. I liked him in Love Rain but when he gave that adorable smile in "You're Beautiful" that's what caught my heart, because he looked like a sweet and innocent teddy bear that I just wanted to hug so bad!
"Coffee Prince" was so comedic and cute with amazing lead actors. The Coffee Prince himself Gong Yoo to be honest when I started this show I thought he was just an average guy but I started to think more of him as I kept watching. He became more attractive to me like a Prince!
"Pinocchio" which is my all time favorite kdrama it's just so cute, romantic and funny. Also shares some sadness throughout the show. Lee Jong Suk is so cute and has a smile that makes you want to fall in love with him. If you have seen this show you would know he has long hair in the beginning that makes him look weird but when he smile's he looks 100 times better! Plus he did good in "Secret Garden" which I just finished recently.
How was that @poojas ? I like my list and hope it came out great! P.S. Here's just a little extra. Dream High 2 : Jung Jin Woon he's so hot in Marriage Not Dating! All I could think about from Dream High 2 is him saying G Minor! lol
@biancadanica98 I cannot even explain how much I love this card! I love that you included gifs and photos and also great scenes from the dramas that your biases were in! So cool! Also, Kang Min Hyuk is a cutie! <3<3<3 That last picture of Jung Jinwoon totally caught me off guard lol, he was so handsome in Marriage Not Dating. I am so excited to see your post more cards here in the K-drama community. And to fangirl over biases as well! XD
AWESOME LIST!! I love all of these actors! :D