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anyone needs one?
great way to get shot lol
lmbo. WOWZERS!! Nice. I agree, @cheerfulcallie. Alpha male may find a new competitor. But I wonder if this camp suit was intended to scare off other little critters, while at sleep. ya know.. The skunks, the possums etc..
@soula81 I have a guy friend who really would love this thing. If it tried to choke him, he would probably like it even better (he likes to fight)! It looks so warm, though, don't you think? @cheerfulcallie Your imagination is hilarious! Hahahaha, I can kind of see it happening though. :D
btw....umm, wouldnt you suffocate in that last bottom pic on the right, all zip up like that?!?...AND... to think if that zipper broke....smh... oh dear, what a shame, now you're trap in a bear suit suffocating.....aaassshhhhhh!!!! who's idea was this?? bad bad bad....lolz....@soula81 thanks for the laughs..
i know, right!! a real bear might either fall in love or wanna battle it out thinking who's gonna be the alpha male.....oh nooo nooo nooo.....negative, not good!!
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