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Today we're gonna turn back time and look at an idol that went through some turbulent times and has come back even stronger despite all the criticism and hate. This man has grown stronger and fiercely. This man is non-other than :


Whatever you wanna call but he is who he is. Oppa has gone through so much since his controversy in 2PM. Yet he has over come it. He has surpassed it. He is totally not the same sweet beastly idol we first met.
Who remembers this?
And there was this
And this one too
And just look at how much fun they are having together here
And look at the cool poses.... The hair was weird
Had to throw this in. I mean who can forget the 'logo' in his hair.
But then this happened. The controversy.
Now we have a this
Not that I'm complaining. I mean he still is awesome.
He has also musically evolved from Joah to
And this....
Still love him even after all he's been through to make it. AOMG Follow the movement Art Of Movement FYI I do not own these
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I love him, and I love 2Pm. They're my favorite group, but I'm glad Jay is going well solo. :)