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I have so many things I want to share but my gifs don't move! They just show up as a screen shot馃槖 they work if I text them to someone usually. I have an iPhone 6. Any advice??
@KutieKiKi gigs can only be added on computer currently, so you have to visit the Vingle website not use the app to add gifs, I'm pretty sure that's the case anyway :)
Lol they aren't the greatest but they are mine 馃槉 hmmm I might have to try that! Idk, I think videos are more of a hassle cause you have to click on them and yada yada. But I'll have to test it out! @eringregory
@KutieKiKI holy crap, you can make gifs?? I feel like a loser now hahahahaha have you tried posting it under "videos" or "links" instead of photos? (I know nothing about gifs, this is me throwing out random suggestions hoping something will work lol)
@eringregory I even made a couple of my own and they still don't work馃槖
I don't even know how to save gifs 馃槸