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I'm so excited to make this list because I love upbeat music, and I feel like a summer theme is all about keeping things fun! Living in San Diego is like living in a perpetual summer, so this was pretty easy for me to narrow down. There's some songs I LOVE playing when the sun is out, I'm done with work or school for the day, and I'm driving on the freeway with my windows down. It's not ALWAYS summer when this happens, but in that moment, all the feelings of summer - the freedom, the liveliness, etc. - are there in full swing.
So without further ado, here is my K-Pop Challenge Summer Mix! I hope you all love it.

g.o.d - Saturday Night

This song always puts me in a good mood because the music video is just so funny. I love how much the members of g.o.d totally own the fact they're a bunch of unhip old dudes at this point. I mean, look at Kim Tae-woo. He's literally singing while dropping his son off at school. (Also I LIVE FOR THE OFFICE DANCE SCENE AT 4:45. I LIVE FOR IT.)

Peejay featuring Beenzino - "I Get Lifted"

This song makes me want to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in my car and take in all the sun and the view of the ocean. It's just got that really upbeat but mellow track, and you know, nothing gets me feeling more 'lifted' than hanging out and watching the waves. And chasing seagulls. Chasing seagulls is the best.

Crush featuring Zico - "Oasis"

If homegirl Erica (@PassTheSuga) ever came out to San Diego, we would be like Zico and Crush in this video and just swag out it out on the cliffs by the beach because that's how we roll. I'm not sure which one of us would be which though. And I don't know which one of us would own that black Jeep because it's kind of not my style. ANYWAY.

Dynamic Duo featuring Hyorin of Sistar - Hot Wings

I'm pretty sure this song is as summery as summery songs get. It's all about going on a romantic tropical getaway full of swimming and spending quality summer time with bae. In fact, this whole album is such an endless playlist of summer jams. If you don't have Dynamic Duo's 'Lucky Numbers' album, I highly recommend it!

Yankie featuring Tablo, Zion.T, and Loco - "Sold Out"

I love this video because it reminds me of my high school summer vacations that were all essentially full of me and my friends getting foolish and up to no good. Granted we weren't as naturally stylish as the dudes in this video, but just as much convenience store exploring fun was had by all. Trust.

San-E featuring Baek Ye-rin of 15& - "Me You"

If there is anything to know about me, it's that San-E is my ultimate bae, so he HAS to be on all of my Vingle playlist challenges. (Well, aside from that non-Korean one we had to do last time. San-E didn't exactly qualify.) I love this song because it's so cute and light versus all the aggressive stuff he likes to put out too. This is my favorite San-E side.

Sleepy of Untouchable & Song Jieun of Secret - "Cool Night"

Whenever I think of this entertainment company, I get a little sad because this was B.A.P's record label and well, MISS U, ZELO. But I digress. This one reminds me of "Some" by Junggigo & Soyu and "A Midsummer Night's Sweetness" by Raina & San-E, but I'm loving these sweet and lighthearted romance collabs.

Jinusean featuring Jang Hanna - "Tell Me One More Time"

HOW IS THIS NOT EVERYONE'S FAVORITE SONG? I spent pretty much all of May cleaning my house to it. (Apologies to my older sister who had to hear it over and over and over and over. You have no idea how good this song is at keeping me feeling hyped.)
Soooooooooooo... that's my playlist! If you haven't done this challenge yet (or are new to the whole K-Pop Playlist Challenge thing), I totally encourage you to try it yourself! It's so much fun, and it's a great opportunity to bond with all the awesome K-Poppers on Vingle!
And just for listening, enjoy a gif of Jo Kwon's strange and appalled face. :)
@MattK95 ALL THE HYORIN HUGS. I'm glad you enjoyed it!! It's my summer party music. :)
I love love love this list, every single song screams summer!!! And you know I love you for including Hyorin in this, hugs for that, in fact hugs for this whole awesome playlist <(^-^)>
Hahaha I was gonna use like 4 of these songs on my list lol XD I love them all ! DAE to the BAK! <3
@MattK95 HAHAHA IT'S TOTALLY NOT. I like how you made it a summer songs theme anyway XD
I'll be posting my list shortly, it's not summer here but oh well XD
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