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One thing that I've never paid much attention to when cosplaying is the makeup! Sure, I'll make sure to get the right color/style of wig and even match my eye color and eyebrows....but beyond that I'm totally neglectful.
And so, it's time to learn! I've been thinking about doing a basic TLOU cosplay, and I thought there's no way I can do Ellie because my face just doesn't match her style.....but apparently I'm wrong. I think with a little practice I can do it??
Also, I searched contouring because I didn't understand what this girl was doing to her nose to "make it look different" (???) and holy crap makeup gurus are insane!!! How do you learn to do that?!
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You'll ever know until you try!!! I've been looking at contouring too since someone shared one about contouring to get more classically male looks, its not easy but practice should work D:
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