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And it is awesome! Seriously. I checked out his website and he's a legit prop maker and does shoes and such so I don't feel too bad about my lack of skills, but at the same time I kind of wish I had learned to do more hands own crafting work!
I know there is still time to learn butttttt watching this I want to make something this awesome right off the bat and I know that just won't happen :/
Anyways, I love that he added all the little leather and suede bits needed! It's really accurate, and I feel like if you're going to put this kind of time and skill into a prop like this you should really go for as much accuracy as possible.
More details of how he did it are on his blog!!
So cool! I'm always impressed by how crafty some people are. I had a professor in school who used to make his own medieval weapons (he was a history teacher of course lol) and the amount of time he committed to his projects was staggering!
I failed at making a clock in shop back i middle school and have stuck to foam and clay since then, hahahaha. This is so cool!!!
@shannonl5 It's amazing to see what some people get themselves into :D
@timeturnerjones it was middle school!!!! time to try again!!!!