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I am not the only one who thought Kim Possible's lipstick style was weird animation shadowing, or, a weird mustache. Seriously.
So...I saw this cosplayer getting praised on reddit for actually doing the "Kim Possible lipstick thing" and I didn't even realize all this time that her lips looked like that?!
Naturally, I went looking for a tutorial and found this one that's pretty good! You can learn how to do all of her makeup or just stick to the lips (at 5:55!!)
Still, if I was going to cosplay anyone from Kim Possible, I think it's be Shego!! All that green XD
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@shannonl5 she does hahaha but i prefer it with her super pale skin (like....white. actually white.) and green look compared to kims look!
Yeah @vulpix it's definitely a more dramatic effect. I'd have a lot of trouble keeping myself from smudging the makeup I think... every time I paint my face or something I immediately feel itchy right where the makeup is XD
@shannonl5 lol maybe i should post about it sometime but i think homestuck cosplayers have finally taught the world how to do makeup/painting in a way that it CANNOT SMUDGE (and also...cannot come off easily lol). It's all in the finishing powders!!!
Oh yeah definitely make a card about it @vulpix that's not something I've mastered yet! I never know which powders are good and which ones won't be.
Lol it kinda duse