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I love watching youtube videos, especially reaction videos but I cant seem to find many korean reactions.......... I grew up in korea until i was 10, so im familiar with the culture and I am rather fluent in korean. I was an active member in a huge korean community site called Instiz, so I know bits about a lot of group. If I made a channel for kpop reactions, would people watch? I'm not the most hilarious person nor am I cute, but I think I have the advantage since I can understand lyrics. what do you think, guys? :I
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@shjej5835 aight you better be pro next time I see you
2 years ago·Reply
@shjej5835 You can do it! ^^
2 years ago·Reply
@VixenViVi Thanks! ill tag you to check it out haha so embarrassing
2 years ago·Reply
@shjej5835 Nah I'll tag you if We ever start getting ours out XD
2 years ago·Reply